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  • Unit 2 - Daily Life

    Listening and Speaking

    Say what you do in everyday life.

    Say what you like and don't like.

    Ask for information about other people.

    Listen to information about other people.

    Reading and Writing

    Read about other people.

    Write about yourself. 


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  • Unit 3 - Shopping

    Speaking and Listening

    Ask for information.

    Ask for directions.

    Give information in shops.

    Listen for information.

    Reading and Writing

    Read prices.

    Read leaflets.

    Write a shopping list.

    Read and write notes.

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  • Unit 4 - Transport

    Listening and Speaking

    Ask for and give travel information.

    Listen to travel information.

    Buy a ticket.

    Reading and Writing

    Read a timetable.

    Read signs in a station.

    Read about travel arrangements.

    Write about travel arrangements.


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  • Unit 5 - Health

    Speaking and Listening

    Give personal information about yourself.

    Understand questions and explain when you are ill. 

    Make an appointment with the doctor and the dentist.

    Ask for medicines at the chemist's.

    Reading and Writing

    Read information at the doctor's.

    Know words for parts of the body. 

    Read instructions on medicines. 


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  • Unit 6 - The Neighbourhood

    Listening and Speaking

    Talk about your neighbourhood

    Ask where places are

    Give simple directions

    Understand a recorded message

    Ask for opening times

    Reading and Writing

    Read about a neighbourhood

    Write about your neighbourhood

    Read simple maps and leaflets



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  • Unit 7 - Homes

    Speaking and Listening

    Describe where you live.

    Ask for and give information about homes.

    Talk about your possessions.

    Make a phone call about a household problem. 

    Reading and Writing

    Read about homes.

    Get information from advertisements and directories. 

    Fill a simple form. 

    Write about homes. 

    Put words in alphabetical order. 

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  • Unit 9


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