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  • SELT Exam Registration - £19.99

    • Exam registration and check-list.
    • Fees - £19.99
    • Duration - 1 Session

    In this quick registration offer, your examiner will ensure that you are ready with your topic sheet, and that your registration is properly completed. 

    This course is ideal for learners who speak English confidently but simply want to be sure that they have everything they need for the exam. 

    If you think you need help to prepare your topic, then you should choose the next course up - SELT Exam Preparation at £49.99.



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  • SELT Exam Preparation - £49.99

    • An hour with a tutor for topic sheets, registration and a quick grammar check.
    • Fees - £49.99
    • Duration - 1 Session

    This course consists of roughly an hour spent with a tutor in which you will run through both the parts of the Trinity examination.

    In the first part of the hour we will prepare your topic sheet and go over possible topics to prepare the one that you feel most comfortable with. 

    You will be trained on the grammatical and lexical elements you need to pass the examination. 

    In the second part of the hour, we will discuss the other topics that you may be asked about. 

    We will cover the grammatical constructions that you require for the SELT Grade 5 and practice sentences around the things you want to say which will help you talk to your examiner with confidence.

    Book now! Best value for quick results!

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  • SELT Exam Preparation - £149.99

    • 3 sessions in which you will go over everything you need to pass the SELT.
    • Fees - £149.99
    • Duration - 3 Sessions

    This course is suitable for learners who think their English is shaky and need to be sure that they are ready for the unseen questions that you can be asked.

    In this course we will cover the range of grammatical forms that you need to demonstrate to pass the SELT exam at the B1 levels and you will be introduced to the vocabulary you require for the second part of the test. 

    Working slowly and steadily, this course is the best option for learners who know they need to fix their English to be able to speak fluently without memorising answers. 

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  • Life in the UK - Classroom

    • Fees - £199
    • Duration - 20 Days

    This Life in the UK course is taught in a classrooom in 20 days. 

    Classes start at the beginning of each month and are for one hour daily. 

    Within this time you will be taught all the facts you need to know and be given practise with hundreds of questions asked in a variety of ways so you can be sure that you will pass the test. You will be given supplementary material to help you and encouraged to learn with your own set of cards. 

    We use techniques that help you memorise your content. 

    At the end of each chapter you will be given an online test to test your knowledge.


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