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  • Registration

    • A quick registration. Takes about 20 minutes.

    Over the phone, we book your exam with you at the date that is most convenient at a centre that is most suitable. We begin by chatting with you a little so we can be sure you have the grammar and vocabulary you need for the B1, ensure you've prepared your topic form and then complete your registration online.

    We can do this over the telephone if you like, or a tutor will ring you within a few hours after you have made this booking to ask you your Skype name and organise the time and date for your Skype session.

    Ring us on 0333-44-0686 if you have any questions. 

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  • Topic Sheets and Registration

    • 1 hour with a tutor gets you sorted.

    This course is for learners whose English is okay but need help to get their topic sheet ready for the examination. 

    When you ring us, a tutor will talk to you briefly over the telephone to check your English. 

    Following that, you can train for the examination by coming to our centre, preparing over the phone or orgainising a session on skype. 

    It costs the same, either way and we make sure that no matter how you choose to connect, you're all set by the end of your session. 




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  • Double Class or Skype

    The Double Skype course is for learners who need a little extra help in making sure they are ready for the Trinity SELT B1 exam. You should choose this course if you think you understand English but would like more practise with the target grammar. 

    You will have two hours with the tutor. The tutor will start by asking some questions about yourself so that we can identify the best topic for you to take to the examination. After that, we will discuss what you will talk about in that topic. This will be followed by conversation around Trinity's chosen topics - Festivals, Transport, Special Occasions, Entertainment, Music and Recent Personal Experiences. 

    You will also be given extra practice in grammatical mistakes that you may tend to make when you speak. 

    All training is one-to-one so you can be sure you will have all the attention you need. 



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  • Complete SELT Preparation by Skype

    • 6 hours with a tutor on Skype to cover everything you need to know.

    This course prepares learners for the Trinity SELT exam through 6 hours on Skype, one to one. No attending classes. Work in your own time. 

    As soon as you buy the course, a tutor will ring you to get your Skype name and fix a date and time to begin training. We will assess you and then discuss what we think is best for you to build your English quickly.

    We will identify a topic that you should prepare for the examination and then work through it, covering the grammar and function requirements that Trinity has set for your level. If you need additional practice in an aspect of grammar, we will ensure you have it. 

    After that, we will begin working on Part II of the exam with the other topics that Trinity have set for the B1. 

    At the end of the course you can be sure that you will be ready to pass the exam. 

    Ring us on 0333-44-0686 if you have any questions.

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