Abcenglish has sub-contracted/partnered with other providers on funded activity some of which was co-funded by the DWP.

All of them were designed to increase confidence and employability and were considered successful projects by their managers. 

  • 2010: Learn2Earn

    Learn2Earn was a Wigan Council project in which 150 learners were given English courses on an online platform using customised material. 5 learners began enterprises subsequent to the programme. The project won an E-learning Award coming second to the BBC in 2011.
  • 2012: Workready

    This project was for Bradford Council. 650 learners were enrolled and put on the job club. 325 went on employability training and 80 found jobs.
  • 2013: Mum's Club

    This was an EIF project. 100 mums from several Manchester schools were taught English on a customised programme designed to increase integration. 50% of the learning was done online.
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