You will be preparing for the Secure English Language Test offered by Trinity College through this centre. 

The test can be booked directly from, but if you think you need help with either your registration, your preparation, or even your English, you can ask us. 

The test consists of two parts, Topic and Conversation. 


In the Topic phase you have to take this form with you to the examination with a topic of your choice and sub-topics around it, which you are happy to talk about.  In this phase you should be able to use words like: 
have been, have seen, have done
for, since, ever, never, just
a lot, not very much, some, many
I prefer, I like, I don’t like.
You should also be able to ask the examiner a question during the conversation you have to show that you know how to ask questions in English.


In the Conversation phase, you have to talk about any two of these topics – Festivals, Means of transport, Special occasions, Music, entertainment, Recent personal experiences.  The examiner will choose the topics he/she would like you to discuss. 


At this centre, we train you to pass the exam. 
You have a choice of three training packages. You can either come for a single session in which we will prepare your topic sheet together and make sure you can use the language you are supposed to know; or you can come for more classes in which we will practice both your topic, check your grammar and work on your conversation. 


You can also enrol for online Skype classes in which you will be prepared online by a tutor to pass your test.  When you register through this website, we will call you back to organise this. 

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