We teach you with state-of-the-art digital technology.

With content made especially for our prize-winning portal, you are sure to succeed.

How easy it is to learn English when you live in England! All you need is a little determination and some help to ensure that you have the best possible chance to pass your test.

We do that by

  • teaching you in classrooms with expert tutors who ensure that they are looking after your progress. They conduct lessons in which they allow you to talk as much as you need to become expert speakers. All along they correct you, and then guide your homework so that you are practising exactly what you need to do.

  • giving you an online programme that strengthens the core structure of your English. You learn to perfect your grammar step-by-step so that when you are ready for the test, you are fluent and confident.

  • Carefully dividing our learning strategy between the two tests so that with the ESOL Speaking and Listening Test Preparation you get a chance to practise your speaking with an expert who can correct your mistakes.

  • Going over the facts of the Life in the UK book on an online course using translation in 3 languages and mnemonic strategies to ensure that you know what you need to clear the test with flying colours.

So make sure that you, or the relative you love, has the best chance you can offer. Give us a ring, right now, and we will call you back to discuss the next step forward. 

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